Our History

Africans in Switzerland live in scattered groups all over the country. Some of them have grouped themselves in various unrecognized Unions and associations, to take care of their immediate needs.

No matter where you come from, all Africans here have common problems but lack a common voice. They have common problems, but no lobby, or strong Association or group, which is taking care of uprisings and difficult situations.
Some of the problems include the issue of drugs and prostitution, subjective and biased media reports about Africans. These issues are now dominating the political and social spectrum of  Switzerland today.

There is basically no single day without a debate on various negative topics about Africans. The unfortunate thing in all these is that the Africans themselves are not given chance to contribute in such debates or do I say they pay less attention to them, each person thinking of his own personal problems rather than the general ones affecting all. These boils down to the fact that integration in the society is still one big stumbling block.

A lot needs to be done to bring the Africans and their hosts, the Swiss community much closer.

Aim and Objective

We look forward to a world of equality, where everyone integrates and expresses himself freely. We also seek a world where the dignity, status and pride of mankind are respected.

In order to achieve this, SAF aims to :

  • Bring all Africans together and empower them with one strong voice.
  • Provide a forum for Africans and Swiss in Switzerland and elsewhere to meet one another, to promote co-operation and the spirit of oneness.
  • Simplify the integration process of both sides, create links and contacts.
  • As much as possible help raise the social status of Africans
  • Work closely with the Embassies and act as a link between them and the Diaspora.
  • Give consultancy services on interracial and intercultural relationships.
  • Assist Africans as much as possible, by furnishing them with relevant information concerning living conditions in Switzerland and career opportunities where appropriate.
  • Create a genuine and effective communication network through which the views of Africans in Diaspora on matters of national interests may be channeled to the appropriate quarters.
  • Counter all negative stereotypes and generalizations.
  • Coordinate the activities of the African Diaspora for individuals and associations.
  • Work with relevant NGOs, Government bodies, as well as the UN for the benefit of all.
  • Institute a mechanism to assist members as far as possible.

Our Goals

It is expected that SAF shall be a forum providing an avenue for Africans to work closer together, speak in one voice and be able to make their opinions heard by the host community, and most importantly to the host Government and beyond.

There should be increased awareness on the issue of integration, struggle against negative publicity on Africans and a closer link and positive contribution to their host communities.

There should be ground work in place to tackle some of the vices associated with Africans like drug business etc. The Embassies will be linked up as well in an effort to bring a positive image to all Africans here in Switzerland.

SAF Timeline

Since the formation of the Swiss African Forum (SAF) in April 2003, some of the major accomplishments includes but not limited to organising seminars, conferences, workshops and culural festivals. 


  • Swiss African Forum aka SAF was formed.
  • Launched its first website
  • Organised the first SAF symposium at the Kursaal
  • Worked with Afro Pfingsten for the first workshop in Winterthur
  • Organised Aids Hilfe Symposium at the Schweizer Hotel Berne


  • Worked in conjunction with South African Embassy, Berne to organise African Day at the Unversity of Fribourg auditorium.
  • Organised the 1st African Cultural market in Berne.


  • Organised the 1st African Football Tornament.


  • Organised the 1st symposium on integration in conjunction with the Stadt Police Berne.