Swiss African forum was found in 2003 as an umbrella organisation for the interest of African living in Switzerland.



According to the Swiss Federal Migration Office, there were over 61,000 Africans living in Switzerland in 2013, from more than 50 nationalities of origin, speaking several languages including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic, in addition to indigenious African languages like Hausa, Swahili, Bambara, Wollof etc, Africans number 60,658 - slightly less than 3.5% of the foreign resident population. The most heavily-represented countries are Eritrea (8,377), Morocco (7,270), Tunisia (6,489), Democratic Republic of Congo (4,707) and Cameroon (4,068).

Aims and Objectives

Our project is driven by the challenge that beyond statements and symbolic gestures, the strongest assurance today would be a dramatic reversal, which would replace the continuing alienation and distancing people from Africa by establishing actual understanding of ideas, institutions and initiatives at all possible levels between the elements of culture, ideas and social classes of people.

SAF COVID-19 Crisis Management Webnair


As the COVID-19 crisis deepens, it has become evidfent that worldwide the BAME groups are disproportin-

onately more affected.

The Libyian Crisis


New Africans interviews Issa Abdullahi  on the current situation with immigrants coming to Europe through Libya.

Cultural Show


Issa Abdullahi talks about the Swiss African Forum Cultural Festival in 2018.

SAF on COVID-19,  2020

In Switzerland the situation with Corona Virus is also synonymous especially for the African migrant population. There is thus urgent need to convene this group and other players for information sharing on how to curb the spread and stop the rising number of new cases and hence the need for the webinar on the above mentioned date and time.

This webnair is aimed as an informal platform to exchange knowledge and views between the migrant African and other stakeholders drawn from United Nations sub-Agency World Health Organization, Hospitals, Academia and other NGO's including the United Nations accredited Afro-European Medical and Research Network (AEMRN) with head quarter in Switzerland, African Heritage etc.


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